Yehuda Hoch
Born: 1946

Born 1946 in Romania, I moved with my family to Israel in 1950.

I am married, with three daughters and seven grandchildren, all living in Petach-Tikva, near Tel-Aviv. B. Sc. degree in Mathematics and M. Sc. Degree in Operation Research; Nowadays a pensioner, I have previously worked as a system analyst in a computer's department of a bank.

An International Master for Chess Composition, I composed around 250 studies.
Yehuda Hoch
1-2nd Pr. Tidskrift fur Schack, 1977

win 3+4

1.Kd8 Bb7 2.c7+ Ka7 3.Bc6 Ba6 4.Bxb5 Bb7 5.Bc6! Thematic try: 5.Bd7? Kb6 6.Bc8 Bd5 7.Ba6 Be6 8.Bc4 d5!! 9.Bxd5 Bh3 10.Bf7 Kc5 11.Be8...Kd6! draws 5...Ba6 6.Bd7 Kb6 7.Bc8 Bf1 7...Bc4 8.Bb7 Be6 9.Bd5 8.Bb7 Bh3 9.Bg2 Bf5 10.Be4 10.Bd5? Kc5 11.Bf7 d5 12.Be8 Kd6 10...Bh3 11.Bg6 Kc5 12.Be8 and compared with the thematic try, the d6 square is obstructed. 12...d5 13.Bd7 wins.
Themes: Logical maneuver, Obstruction, Miniature

Yehuda Hoch
1st Pr. Mandil MT, 1980

win 5+5
Thematic try: 1.Rxf6+? Ka7 2.Qg7+ Qc7 3.Rf7 Rc1+ 4.Kxg2 Rc2+ 5.Kf3 Rc3+ 6.Ke4 Rc4+ 7.Kd5 Rc5+ 8.Ke6 Rc6+ 9.Kf5 Rc5+ 10.Kg6 Rc6+ 11.Kh7 Kxa6!

12.Rxc7 Rxc7 13.Qxc7 stalemate.

1.a5+ Kxa6 2.Rxf6+ Ka7 3.Qg7+ Qc7 4.Rf7 Rc1+ 5.Kxg2 Rc2+ 6.Kf3 Rc3+ 7.Ke4 Rc4+ 8.Kd5 8.Kf5? Rf4+ 9.Kg6 Rxf7 8...Rc5+ 9.Ke6 Rc6+ 10.Kf5 Rc5+ 11.Kg6 Rc6+ 12.Kh7 Ka8 13.Qg8+ 13.Rxc7? Rxc7 14.Qxc7 13...Qc8 14.Rf8 Rc7+ 15.Kh8 Ka7! 15...Kb8 16.a6 Qxf8 17.Qxf8+ Rc8 18.a7+ Kb7 19.Qxc8+

Compare 51A (thematic try) and 51B (solution). All 7 pieces have moved one rank up. What is the difference? 16.Qg1+!! wins.
Complete 7-piece chameleon echo between try and solution with the chessboard`s geometry making the difference.

Themes: Logical maneuver, Chameleon echo.

Yehuda Hoch
1st Pr. L`Italia Scacchistica, 1982

win 4+3
1.a7 Ra3 1...Rh3+ 2.Kg7 Rg3+ 3.Rg6! Rxg6+ 4.Kxg6 Rd6+ 5.Kf7! Ra6 6.Re8! Rxa7 7.Re7+ 2.Rc3 Rda2 3.Rd2+ Ke6 4.Kg6 4.Re3+? Kf7! 4...Ra1 4...Ke5 5.Re3+ Kf4 6.Rxa2 Rxa2 7.Re7 5.Rd1! 5.a8=Q Rg1+ 6.Rg2 Rxa8 7.Rxg1 Rg8+ 5...R1a2 6.a8=Q Rxa8 7.Re3#.

Themes: Logical maneuver, Mate, Miniature

Yehuda Hoch
2nd Pr. Hungarian Chess Federation Ty, 1986

win 3+5
1.Rf6+ Kb5 2.Rf5+ Kb4 2...Kb6 (c6) 3.Rxg5 Rd8 4.Rg6+ and now 4...Kb7 (c7) 5.Rg8 Rd1 6.Kg5 Rh1 7.h8=Q Rxh8 8.Rxh8 and black's king is too far away; or 4…Kb5 (c5) 5.Rg8 Rd6+ 6.Kg5 Rd5+ 7.Kf4 Rd4+ 8.Ke3 Rh4 9.h8=Q Rxh8 10.Rxh8 3.Rxg5 Rd8 4.Rg8 Rd1 5.Rg4+ Kb3 6.Kh5 Rd8 7.Rg8 Now play splits into two thematic variations:
A) 7...Rd1 8.Rg3+ Ka2(c2) 9.Kh4 Rd8 10.Rg8 Rd1 11.Rg2+ Kb1 12.Kh3 winning, e.g. 12…Rd8 13.Rg8 Rd3+ 14.Kg2 Rd2+ 15.Kh1 Rd1+ 16.Rg1
B) 7...Rd5+ 8.Kg4 (h4) Rd4+ 9.Kh3 Rd1 10.Rg3+ Kb4 10...Kc2 11.Rg2+ 11.Kh4 Rd8 12.Rg8 Rd1 13.Rg4+ Kb5 14.Kh5 Rd8 15.Rg8 Rd1 16.Rg5+ Kb6 17.Kh6 White wins, as demonstrated in the note to the second move.

Themes: Systematic movement.

Yehuda Hoch
1st Pr. Dobrescu-60 JT, 1994

win 5+4
1.Re1+! Kxe1 2.Qe5+ Kf1! 2...Kf2 3.fxg4 Rh6+ 4.Qh5 Rxh5+ 5.gxh5 3.fxg4 Rh6+ 4.Qh5!! A deep plan to force black to play Kf2 and block his knight from using that square. Thematic try: 4.Qh2? Ne4!! 5.Qxh6 Nf2+ 6.Kh2 Nxg4+ 7.Kh1! Nf2+!! (7...Nxh6? 8.a5) 8.Kh2 Ng4+ 9.Kh3 Nxh6 10.a5 Nf7 11.a6 Ng5+ 12.Kg4 Ne6 13.a7 Nc7 14.Kf3! Kg1! 15.Ke3 Kg2 (h2)= 4...Ne4! 5.Kh2! 5.Qxh6? Nf2+ 5...Nf6! 6.Qh3+! 6.Qxh6? Nxg4+ 6...Kf2 6...Rxh3+ 7.Kxh3 Kf2 8.g5 Ne8 9.a5 Kf3 10.a6 Kf4 11.a7 Nc7 12.g6 7.Qxh6 Nxg4+ 8.Kh1! The point: 8...Nf2+ is now impossible. 8...Nxh6 9.a5 wins.

Themes: Obstruction, Logical maneuver.